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Study Program

Civil Engineering is a discipline that is involved in all phases of everyday life. It is a profession that offers a job in the most crowded places and cities to build skyscraper, or in the underground to find water sources. It is the profession that connects cities and countries via highways, tunnels, bridges and other roads. It is the profession that offers a job as a designer in the office, as a contractor, supervisor, or site engineer in the construction site, or as lab scientist in material and construction laboratories.

Civil engineering is the profession of designing and developing conceptual, main, and detailed infrastructure projects, high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, building units and factories/production facilities, water supply and waste water networks and projects, Hydro-power and other plants, and any other building type available.

Civil engineers are responsible for changing the world by giving a shape of places, or changing the existing shape by demolishing the existing building and building new ones instead. They are also responsible for maintaining the existing buildings and facilities. They care about the environment and offering new sustainable solutions based on alternative sources of energy.

Albert Einstein said “I was originally supposed to become an engineer but the thought of having to expend my creative energy on things that make practical everyday life even more refined, with a loathsome capital gain as the goal, was unbearable to me.”

Issac Oakeson explained in short term the importance of civil engineering by these few sentences: “If you’ve driven on an onramp to a highway and you didn’t fly off, a civil engineer designed that. If you’ve flushed the toilet and ever wondered what happens, yep, civil engineering. If you’ve walked on a bridge, stood in a building, looked at a dam, observed a retaining wall –you guessed it, the result of civil engineering.”

Our Mission

The mission of the staff working at the Civil Engineering Study Program is to help developing future generations of leading civil engineers that will act worldwide, and will have a recognizable positive impact on all workplaces and projects they participate in. Our mission includes both behavioral and scientific aspects of development, as our teaching team aim to aid the personal and scientific development of our students by using a well-designed mentoring system in which each member of our team is mentoring a group of students. Our team will focus on developing critical innovative thinking, teamwork and responsibility, scientifically-based approach to problems, and professional behavior of future civil engineers.

Our team will offer knowledge from all sub-professions related to civil engineering and included in the curriculum of the study program, including: structural engineering, road infrastructure engineering, and environmental and water resource engineering. Field visits with mentors is an important part of the study program, and will be given a very high importance, as students will have the chance to learn from their mentors and other experts about the physical process of construction and the daily processes in the construction site.

Aims and objectives

  • Train the students to have theoretical background in basic sciences and engineering and to be equipped with necessary technical skills,
  • Develop students' competency in reading, writing and oral communication,
  • Provide practical experience which will enable students to utilize and enhance their engineering knowledge,
  • Promote students' self-discipline and self-assurance and the ability to learn on their own,
  • Encourage team work, collaboration and development of interpersonal skills,
  • Motivate the students towards contributing to the progress of science and technology,
  • Teach the importance of ethical behavior in social and professional life,
  • Produce graduates for the engineering and the business communities who are observant, inquisitive and open to new technologies for developing better solutions,
  • Produce graduates for the engineering and business communities with integrity, determination, judgment, motivation, ability and education to assume a leadership role to meet the demanding challenges of the society.