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As humans are tending to find shelter for themselves, the construction industry is continuously expending and the need for construction engineers is on the rise. The direct relationship between the existence of humans and the need for construction is giving the industry of civil engineering stability and future prospects. The industry is dynamic and multidiscipline type, and offers challenges and excitement for engineers while solving certain structural problems. The variety of tasks that a civil engineer is responsible for is making the construction industry very attractive for young engineers, as they are getting the chance to have interesting work environment on the daily base. Moreover, civil engineers are finding job opportunities with ease, compared to other disciplines, which by itself is a very good reason why to study civil engineering. Civil engineering is a discipline where all of the achievements and accomplishments is of large scale, and civil engineers can proudly and easily point finger at constructions that they participated in designing, constructing, or supervising their making process.

Why study Civil Engineering at Burch?

-       Practical based approach to engineering problems;

-       International High-profile Academic Staff;

-       Erasmus Exchange Program signed with high ranked EU Universities;

-       Field work and practice mentored by Academic Staff;

-       Mentorship program in research and analysis;

-       Theory and practice balanced program and teaching approach;

-       Well-established relationship with BiH Construction Industry;

-       Project-based education;

-       Professional internship;

-       Summer School;

-       Latest software use in classes;

-       Material laboratory tests;

-       Engineering analysis of real problems;

-       One-on-one work with experts from practice.